Attorney Richard Griffin

Richard Griffin Pain LawWho is the co-host and legal expert, Richard Griffin?

Attorney Richard Griffin is an outstanding personal injury attorney, as well as, a likeably and knowledgeable legal expert.  Pain Law features Richard every week as their expert in personal injury, wrongful death, worker’s compensation, and social security disability.

Attorney Richard Griffin has great chemistry with the host Adam Goldfein as they discuss and explore the claim process for these injury and disability claims.

Many Pain Law viewers even become attorney Richard Griffin’s clients because they can “just tell that Richard is an honest, hard working attorney who will always do the right thing for his clients.”

Richard Griffin’s Background:

Richard Griffin has is from metro Atlanta, Georgia.  He graduated from Emory University for his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Education.  He then earned his law degree from Georgia State College of Law.  Since Richard’s dad was a physician and his grandfather was a lawyer, he decided to focus on injury law since was a blend of his love of law and medicine.

Attorney Richard Griffin’s Law Firm:

Attorney Richard Griffin created the Griffin Law Firm, P.C. in 1995.  His law firm, the Griffin Law Firm, is known by their slogan, “Good People.  Great Results.”  This means that we strive to offer the best possible customer service while delivering great settlements and verdicts for our clients.  On Pain Law he explains, “It’s great to have a good slogan, but what injury claimants need to know if the Griffin Law Firm is living up to that slogan.”

Attorney Richard Griffin says the best way to see if we are truly living up to “Good People.  Great Results.” is to use the “How Do I Decide?” button on his website,


This will allow you to read the following:

  1. Client Reviews – how do the Griffin Law Firm real clients feel about them?
  2. Firm Awards – Has the legal community recognized attorney Richard Griffin and his firm for excellent legal skills and ethics?
  3. Settlements and Verdicts – Does the Griffin Law Firm have a history of great recoveries for their clients?


How do you know what your case is worth?

Settlement-Calculator1On the Pain Law Show attorney Richard Griffin explains that it is very important and helpful to find out the settlement value of your claim.  He further always offers to provide a free settlement evaluation if you call him at 877-724-6529 (877-PAIN-LAW) or if you use the Griffin Law firm’s Settlement Calculator.

Attorney Richard Griffin on the show explains, “Knowing the value of your personal injury, worker’s compensation, or social security disability claim gives you a goal.  Hiring the Griffin Law Firm is a great way to reach that goal of a great recovery.”

Why is a free consultation so important for injury and disability claims?

It is very helpful to provide great information on the Pain Law Show and on the Pain law website (, but nothing replaces the value of having a free consultation with experienced and dependable attorneys.  For this we recommend you call the Griffin Law Firm at 877-PAIN-LAW (877-724-6529).