Adam Goldfein

Adam Goldfein Pain Law

Who is the host, Adam Goldfein?

Adam Goldfein is the host of Pain Law (CW Atlanta, WUPA Channel 69).  Adam’s cut to the chase interviewing style helps keep the discussions with attorney Richard Griffin fresh, entertaining, and engaging and really gets to the bottom of every issue discussed.  Adam does an amazing job asking the question that the viewers would probably ask if they could.  He also is able to explain complex legal issues in a way that is easy to understand.

Adam has been a television and radio talk show host for many years and has truly established himself as a top notch talk show.

Some of the other shows that Adam is the host of include:

  1. The Adam Goldfein Radio show on WSB 750am
  2. The Autoscoop television show on CW Atlanta (WUPA channel 69).

Adam Goldfein’s Background:

Adam Goldfein is not only a successful talk show host, but also, is a licensed attorney and a successful business owner.  He has also experienced success as a public speaker and a corporate trainer.  It is through this broad training, education, and work experience that he is able to be a witty, intelligent, and entertaining talk show host for Pain Law and his other shows.

Who does Adam Goldfein recommend you hire for your injury claim?

Adam Goldfein knows attorney Richard Griffin personally and professionally and believes that he is truly “one of the top personal injury attorneys in Atlanta.”   This is why he recommends on the show that you call attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm at 877-724-6529 (877-PAIN-LAW).

In one of the episodes of Pain Law, Adam explained that if he was hurt in an accident he would call attorney Richard Griffin for representation.  In this episode Adam said the following:

“I’m an attorney and I will tell you if I was hurt I’d call you because that is not the area of law I practice, and is not the area of the law that I am most comfortable in.  And I would miss all of the nuances and would I’d be out boxed by someone on the other side that that’s all they do all day.”  Adam Goldfein, Attorney.

You can read more about how Adam Goldfein recommends attorney Richard Griffin for injury claims on Adam’s own website at link:   [Need a Personal injury Attorney?].

Who is the co-host and legal expert, Richard Griffin?

Richard Griffin Pain Law

Attorney Richard Griffin created the Griffin Law Firm, P.C. in 1995.  His law firm, The Griffin Law Firm, is known by their slogan, “Good People.  Great Results.”  This means that we strive to offer the best possible customer service while delivering great settlements and verdicts for our clients.

It is very helpful to provide great information on the Pain Law Show and on the Pain law website (, but nothing replaces the value of having a free consultation with experienced and dependable attorneys.  For this we recommend you call the Griffin Law Firm at 877-PAIN-LAW (877-724-6529).