What is Pain Law?

The PAIN LAW show is a new and innovative legal talk show that features Adam Goldfein as the host and attorney Richard Griffin as the co-host and legal expert.  The show was created by the Griffin Law Firm to help get important information to injury claimants about personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, worker’s compensation claims, and social security disability claims.

The show is about the challenges that people face when they are injured in an auto accident or on the job injury, and how with the right legal help they can overcome those challenges.  We all love our families and want to protect them, care for them, and provide for them.  However, when an injury, illness, or other medical condition disables us from being able to work and enjoy our lives, then our ability to function as a family and pay our bills becomes difficult.  Since you only get one chance at getting a fair settlement or recovery, it is essential that you hire an attorney who specializes in personal injury, worker’s comp, wrongful death, or social security.

The Pain Law show recommends a free consultation from attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm.  This can be obtained by:

  1. Phone Consultation:  You can also call the Pain Law attorneys at the Griffin Law Firm at 877-PAIN-LAW (877-724-6529).
  2. Internet Evaluation:  You can also submit your case to [Free Case Evaluation].
  3. Settlement Calculator:  You can also submit your personal injury, worker’s comp, or social security disability claim to the Griffin Law Firm to find out the settlement range or case value at the following link:

When and Where does Pain Law air?

The show airs on CW Atlanta (WUPA, channel 69) every Sunday at 12:30pm to 1:00pm.  The show also features www.877painlaw.com if you need more legal information about your legal claim.  to receive a free consultation about your personal injury, wrongful death, workers comp, or social security disability claim.

What type of accidents and claims are covered in this new legal talk show?

  1.          Personal Injury Claims
  2.          Auto Accident Claims
  3.          Truck Accident Claims
  4.          Motorcycle Accident Claims
  5.          Pedestrian Accident Claims
  6.          Dog Bite Claims
  7.          Slip and Fall Claims
  8.          Wrongful Death Claims
  9.          Worker’s Compensation Claims
  10.          Social Security Disability Claims

Pain Law stresses the importance of hiring an injury attorney?

Why is it so important to hire an injury attorney rather than representing yourself?

You get better personal injury, wrongful death, and worker’s comp recoveries with an attorney.  In the Pain Law Show attorney Richard Griffin provides examples of how low offers have been turned into huge settlements after his firm was retained by the injured party.  In one case he was able to recover one million dollars on a personal injury claim that was being completely denied prior to his involvement.

This was also the findings of a study done by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) which concluded that:

  1. Accident victims who spoke to an attorney received 40% more money.
  2. The same study found that injury victims who hired an attorney received 3.5 times more money.

You avoid costly mistakes.  During the Pain Law Show, the topic of avoiding costly mistakes is discussed frequently.  Often examples are provided were real clients of the Griffin Law Firm explain how they barely avoided huge mistakes before hiring the Griffin Law Firm.  After hiring the firm, their cases turned around quickly.

You know your rights and can protect them.  Information is the key.  You need to know what the law is and how the law applies to the facts of your case.  If you don’t, then you are destined for failure.

You can get the benefits you are entitled to receive in worker’s compensation claims.  In the show you will learn how the worker’s comp adjuster’s job is to say no.  He or she saves the insurance company they work for money by delaying and denying the medical treatment and weekly income benefits.  Attorney Richard Griffin provides real examples of how his firm has been able to break up the log jam and turn the adjuster’s no into a yes for the workers comp benefits and settlement that you need and deserve.

You can win your social security disability benefits even when you have been denied your benefits through a timely appeal.  During the show you can hear from real clients who explain that they were denied their social security disability benefits and were about to give up until they hired the Griffin Law Firm.  Then they won the social security disability benefits that they desperately needed due to their disabling injury or medical condition.